Standard Cut Sheets Includes:

Tenderized Cutlets½” Thick/1lb. Packages/ 1 Per Package
Bone-In or Bone-Out Ribeys1” Thick / 1 Per Package
T-Bone or KC and Filets1” Thick / 1 Per Package
BrisketWhole or Half (1/4 Calf includes a Half)
Hamburger1lb. Packages
Chili or Hamburger1lb. Packages
Arm Roast or Hamburger
Rump Roast or Hamburger
Pikes Peak Roast or Hamburger
Chuck Roast
Stew Meat
Soup Bones
Dog Bones
Liver (Optional)
Tongue (Optional)
Cheek Meat (Optional)
Short Ribs2lb. Per Package
Sirloin Steak3/4” Thick / 1 Per Package
Sirloin Bavette
Tri Tip

Choice of Standard Cut Sheet OR Customize your calf cut sheet.

To discuss cut sheet in detail call our Meat Specialist Torjie at (940)262-6787